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    The Welder Red Seal Preparation course provides the supporting theoretical knowledge and materials for those who wish to challenge the Interprovincial "Red Seal" examination for Welders. Designed for experienced welders and apprentices wishing to complete their certification exam, this course covers the technical content of the Welder National Occupation Analysis.  Successful completion of this course does not guarantee passing the Red Seal examination.  

    The Welder Red Seal Preparation Course is a 40-hour theory course designed to prepare individuals who have gone through the apprenticeship schooling, but have not yet written the Red Seal exam, or they have previously been unsuccessful in their attempt to challenge the Welder Red Seal exam.

    This course is also for individuals who did not participate in apprenticeship schooling, but have worked as a welder for more than 6,000 hours and wish to challenge the exam to obtain their Red Seal status.

    Common Core Level 1 Apprenticeship

    Common Core Level 1 Apprenticeship

    Pre-Apprenticeship Program

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    This course is to facilitate the information and forms that are required to become a TTG Instructor.